DeLorme, an innovator in digital GPS mapping solutions introduced XMap/GIS Editor. This new release, designed to support all levels of Geographic Information System (GIS) users, builds upon the extensive and easy-to-use geospatial functions of DeLorme's basic XMap software products. XMap/GIS Editor is DeLorme's most advanced GIS software to date and includes complete data analysis, classification and editing tools for the creation and editing of GIS data. XMap is interoperable with many standard file formats. This new software release provides XMap users the ability to create, analyze, edit and share their GIS enterprise-wide, exposing trends and enabling better business decisions at an affordable price.

XMap/GIS Editor Features:

  • Create sophisticated thematic maps with classification, symbolization and layer-management tools
  • Analyze data using a variety of statistical methods
  • Develop custom interactive queries, save and share queries - extending GIS data enterprise-wide using XMap 4.5 or XMap Web 3.0
  • Geo-reference scanned tax and parcel maps with built-in Image Registration feature
  • Import and display standard data formats (.shp, .e00, .dxf, .dwg) XMap/GIS also implements the OpenGIS Geography Markup Language version 2.0 (GML 2.0)
  • Create and export standard data formats
  • Create new database fields supplementing imported data using the formula builder
  • Generate labels from a variety of database fields
  • Instant Publish to Web functionality enables mass exposure of published analysis results
  • Display sophisticated GIS analysis against a background of any DeLorme dataset; aerial & satellite imagery, topographic maps, road network data, and more
  • New Edit Toolbar provides advanced editing capabilities via an intuitive Edit Toolbar

By including sophisticated analysis capabilities within the XMap platform, users can now utilize these new capabilities with proven DeLorme XMap functionality:

  • Split Screen feature for viewing different data side by side.
  • 3D views with a single click
  • GPS technology with the DeLorme Earthmate GPS receiver
  • Routing functionality for automatic address to address route generation
  • NetLink downloads for instant access to raster and vector data
  • Geocode data to address level
  • Annotate with a full-range of annotation tools and symbol sets
  • USA Street Network 2004 data, the latest updated 2004 DeLorme vector data set
  • Phone Data 2004 to search over 116 million updated residential and business phone listings

Source: DeLorme, Feb. 26, 2004