Information for POB's special focus on magnetic locators has been provided by the respective manufacturers of the products. For more specifications, visit the websites listed under each entry.


Locate with one hand tied behind your back. Not that you'd want to, but the point is you can with a Magna-Trak 200 Series locator. The Magna-Trak 200 is ergonomically designed for complete one-handed operation. You can adjust volume and sensitivity with the same hand that holds the locator. So your other hand is free-or untied-to use other equipment. A large LCD display illuminates a digital readout and bar graph so you can locate visually. Used with audio tone, the Magna-Trak 200 allows for pinpoint accuracy, even in congested search areas. No mechanical controls-the membrane is sealed from dust and moisture-and the water-resistant housing permits use in the rain. Engineered body with ergonomic handle with textured grip, lightweight-only 3 lbs! (Seven-year warranty.)

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Dunham & Morrow Inc.

Dunham & Morrow Inc.

The state-of-the-art DML2000 magnetic locator packs all of its sophisticated electronics in an incredibly light 1.6-lb package. It is designed to be used in the most demanding environments at temperatures ranging from -20° to 120° F with no degradation in performance. The instrument can be used in the heaviest rain showers, while the sensors can be submersed in water up to 3 ft deep. The separate power, volume and sensitivity controls make locating your target a fast and easy task. The DML2000 comes with a hard plastic case and a lifetime warranty.

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The Magnawand Model ID2100 magnetic locator was designed to help the professional land surveyor. Using the patented Target Identification (TID) feature, the surveyor is able to identify between a vertical survey marker and unwanted objects. The amazing TID feature will save you money and time digging unnecessary holes, especially when the ground is hard or frozen; TID also makes the ID2100 great for locating survey pins along fence lines. The detector is not too small or large-just compact size, length 34". The tube is made of strong ABS, not plastic, and the unique end design also protects the switches. Carrying case included.

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Pipehorn Utility Tool Company

Pipehorn Utility Tool Company, a producer of high frequency pipe and cable locating equipment, has introduced a new groundbreaking ferromagnetic locator-the Mag-Horn.

The Mag-Horn quickly pinpoints deeply buried or paved-over iron or steel objects. It is an ergonomic and easy-to-use magnetic locator, featuring a waterproof probe and a pistol-grip design that allows comfortable one-handed operation. Continuously variable sensitivity control allows for more precise fine-tuning around fences and other metal structures.

Locating iron or steel pipes, meters, manhole covers, valves, valve lids and property markers has never been easier. Continuing in Pipehorn tradition, the Mag-Horn is rugged to the extreme and simple to operate.

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Schonstedt Instrument Co.

The locator that's always by your side, whenever you need it. When a new product comes on the market that allows you to lessen your load and increase productivity, it deserves some attention. The GA-92XT from Schonstedt is a portable magnetic locator with one-hand operation that makes finding faster, providing both audio and visual indication of ferrous objects up to 16 feet underground. And the new XT follows the Schonstedt tradition of ruggedness and reliability. So go ahead, make your move-to the new Schonstedt GA-92XT. (Seven-year warranty.)

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SubSurface Instruments

SubSurface Instruments Inc. has decades of experience designing, manufacturing, selling, repairing and supporting underground and underwater magnetic pipe and cable locators and water leak detectors. Two models of magnetic locators, two models of water leak detectors, and two pipe and cable locators have already been introduced. The final prototype of a combined Reflected Signal and Magnetic Plastic Locator is in testing. SubSurface offers independent repairs of all model "GA" and "MAC" type locators, and repairs are guaranteed for six months. (Lifetime warranty.)

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