Inn.Tec. will provide software support, assistance and training courses for these laser data processing packages.

Inn.Tec. s.r.l ­Consortium for Innovation Technology, in accordance with the European Commission, has become an official distributor of Reconstructor and Surveyor software packages for laser data processing. Reconstructor and Surveyor software were developed by the Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen of the Joint Research Centre (Ipsc-JRC). Inn.Tec. will provide software support, assistance and training courses.

The Reconstructor's key features are:


  • Intelligent noise reduction.
  • Point editing and cleaning (supported by bounding box, filters, etc.).
  • Automatic line extraction for creation of CAD model.
  • Extraction of local surface normals.


  • Integration of scans to remove redundant data.
  • Intelligent data reduction (multi-resolution triangulation).
  • Mesh editing tools to clean the 3D model.
  • Considers linear features extracted from the point data.
  • Mapping of laser intensity and rgb values (if available) onto the mesh.


  • No limitation of the number of scans.
  • Does not require targets.
  • Fast interactive pre-registration for pre-viewing (acquisition phase).
  • Automatic refinement of registration (ICP).
  • Supports geo-referencing.

Texture Mapping

  • Registration of an unlimited number of 2D images with the 3D data.
  • Support of any external uncalibrated camera.
  • Balancing and blending of the 2D images to create consistent color information.

Inn.Tec. is not only a reseller of reconstructor software, it has a survey and geomatics center of competence that collaborates with the department of Civil Enginering of Brescia University.

Source: Inn.Tec., March 8, 2004