The second annual Survey and GIS Summit will be held August 7-10, 2004, in San Diego, California. The summit will provide opportunities for both users and surveyors that are nonusers of ESRI technology to learn about integrating surveying and GIS. Land surveyors, engineers, educators and other professionals will hear about and experience the latest technology advancements and other key issues in the industry.

GIS technology provides tools to help surveyors and engineers integrate a variety of data sources and types, maintain and manage inventories, visualize data and related information using dynamic maps, make decisions about resource management, and perform modeling and analysis. The expansion of GIS technology has led to the development of new tools created specifically for surveyors and engineers.

The summit, themed Integrating Survey and GIS, will include a fourth day to expand offerings that include a plenary session, keynote address, survey track user presentations, technical workshops, a survey expo, and a surveying and GIS user group meeting. The summit will run concurrently with the Twenty-Fourth Annual ESRI International User Conference, allowing attendees to attend the User Conference Plenary Session and Map Gallery on Monday as well as the Exhibit Pavilion and technical sessions on Tuesday.

ESRI is now accepting abstracts from those interested in presenting at the summit. The deadline for submissions is May 14, 2004. User presentations and paper topics should cover topics such as survey data requirements for GIS applications; survey data collection requirements, methods, and accuracy; and integrating survey and GIS in the following areas:

  • National survey control frameworks
  • National mapping programs
  • Cadastre and land records systems
  • Government
  • Private sector

Source: ESRI, Feb. 23, 2004