Leica Geosystems AG, Heerbrugg introduced a new system for excavators, MC200 Digger. This system offers excavator operators exiting new possibilities in the digging business.

MC200 Digger allows the machine operator to dig rapidly but with accuracy at the same time and on-grade. The cab-mounted graphical LCD-display panel indicates the exact bucket position in real time and thanks to the waterproof bucket sensor it even works when the bucket is underwater. A laser transmitter, in combination with a laser catcher as a reference, gives constant grade regardless of the height of the excavator itself. Due to the unique "Learn & Dig" feature the operator can set-up multiple profiles by himself in minutes, which gives him even more flexibility on the job. Nine different bucket and attachment sizes are supported in the control panel, allowing constant operation without calibration.

The angle sensors are shock resistant to 500g--even on the standard system--and this means that they can even be left in place whilst using a rock breaker attachment. An additional sensor is also available for articulated excavators.

A further important feature is the maximum height warning function. An alarm gives the operator a warning when the excavator's boom reaches a pre-set upper limit, to avoid damaging or making contact with, for example, utility lines. A similar height minimum function can be used to alert the operator to services below the required digging depth.

All of this means that increases of up to 50% productivity can be achieved.

Leica Geosystems' MC200 Digger is yet another product that demonstrates a commitment to quality, innovation and satisfying the needs of the customer. The company is confident that the introduction of MC200 Digger is a breakthrough in machine guidance and will contribute to ongoing success in this important market.

Source: Leica Geosystems, Oct. 7, 2004