The new TPS800 is a true workhorse for all professionals that require an instrument that is easy to learn and optimized for field usage.

TPS800 was designed for power users of traditional total stations. It is fast in measurement and operation, it is easy to learn and it has a powerful software bundle that allows the daily tasks of surveyors and engineers working on a construction site or recording points for mapping to be completed easily and quickly. The big display with high resolution makes working very relaxed. It is much better then the typical industry standard.

The superb performance of the TPS800 allows 170m reflectorless measurements with a narrow visible red laser. Under good light and target conditions, beyond 200m range is possible. The beam measures to the smallest spots and corners of buildings, without the need to focus the red laser. Leica's well known workflow allows optionally to separate distance measurement and angle recording, that enables shots which are hard to get with other instruments.

The new onboard software highly improves the efficiency on the total station. An easy method to input road element data makes setting out of lines, curves or spiral along a road or rail project more simple. New features such as the full COGO software make surveying with TPS800 more powerful. An innovative "˜Construction' application combines all tasks that typically are executed in building and construction work into one workflow. A simple function allows to include shots to a hidden point pole, so even inaccessible points can be easily measured. Additional market driven enhancements complete the new onboard software package.

Leica Total Stations offer several advantages, such as the use of standard camcorder batteries for full day operation, electronic dual-axis compensator, endless drives and laser plummet. The narrow beam of the EDM allows very precise pointing to the target. It typically provides 2mm accuracy to prism within less than one second measurement time. The serial interface allows many applications that run off-board, such as PC software or commercial PDA's via cable or Bluetooth to be used.

Source: Leica Geosystems., Oct. 13, 2004