Peribit Networks announced that Atwell-Hicks, an award-winning development consulting firm, has dramatically improved inter-office collaboration and employee productivity by deploying Peribit Sequence Reducer products. The Peribit solution has dramatically improved the performance of key WAN-based applications and will enable the roll out of Voice over IP (VoIP) without the need for expensive and time-consuming network upgrades.

Atwell-Hicks offers civil engineering, surveying, land planning and environmental services for regional and national private land developers with more than 250 employees in six locations throughout Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. To increase productivity and operational efficiency, the company sought to significantly improve the performance of strategic applications which include AutoCAD, Exchange 2003, data backup and replication, and an Intranet site over its existing wide area network infrastructure.

Atwell-Hicks depends on extensive collaboration between its branch offices. However, with locations connected via point-to-point T1s, bandwidth consumption became a challenge as the company's dependency on applications grew. With large AutoCAD files on servers at each location, bandwidth limitations were affecting employees' ability to share files and negatively impacted project completion timeframes. Atwell-Hicks evaluated several options, including the purchase of more T1s. To avoid this costly and recurring expense, Peribit Network' Sequence Reducer products were deployed to dramatically improve application performance across the existing network.

Atwell-Hicks has deployed Peribit SR-50 Sequence Reducer devices that instantly tripled capacity on its existing private line network. This has dramatically accelerated AutoCAD and Exchange 2003 application performance. The Peribit solution will play an important role in the rollout of VoIP by ensuring that it receives proper prioritization and bandwidth allocations over the WAN.

To optimize its network performance, Atwell-Hicks is utilizing Peribit products in conjunction with Extreme Networks Alpine 3808 and 3804 network convergence switches. With the combined solutions of Peribit and Extreme, Atwell-Hicks has designed a scalable and flexible network that will support its growing organization while meeting its application performance demands.

Source: Peribit, Nov. 30, 2004