Web-based solutions maximize user access and simplify geospatial data maintenance.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced the City of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, has replaced its traditional desktop GIS with new Web systems based on Intergraph's geospatial data management solutions. Fort Saskatchewan has built new Web tools, iMAP and webMap, that spatially enable core business functions and provide residents with access to city information, thus improving the city's operating efficiency and quality of service.

The city's intranet mapping tool, iMAP, gives staff traditional desktop geospatial functionality using an Internet browser. This allows city staff to streamline daily workflows, such as designing, building and maintaining public infrastructure; property valuation and tax assessment; permitting and licensing; and emergency preparedness and response.

The new interactive Internet mapping tool, webMap, gives visitors to the city's Web site (http://www.fortsask.ca) spatial content tools to locate information by address searches or by simply clicking on a section of a map.

Users can view or hide content, including aerial photography, lot limits, street names and addresses. Residents or visitors can quickly obtain answers on topics such as garbage and snow removal routes and city parks and municipal facilities locations. Businesses have map-based access to tabular and spatial information as well as the ability to create custom plots using city data.

Source: Intergraph, Dec. 7, 2004