Increased support for WMS and WFS enables MapInfo Professional v7.8 users to access geospatial data on remote servers over the Internet or intranet.

MapInfo Corporation announced the release of MapInfo Professional v7.8, the newest version of the company's flagship mapping and geographic analysis solution. This release marks the 15th anniversary of MapInfo Professional, with this latest version boasting unmatched support of industry and IT interoperability standards and tools that enable users to create more detailed maps quicker than ever before. MapInfo Professional v7.8 enables enterprise users in all industries to analyse data more effectively and make better, more informed decisions.

With increased support for Open GIS Consortium (OGC) standards for Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Feature Services (WFS), MapInfo Professional v7.8 enables users to access geospatial data on remote servers over the Internet or intranet. For local authorities and Ggvernment organizations which use MapInfo Professional to deploy mapping capabilities to a wide range of departments, version 7.8 delivers the ability to coordinate the mapping work of these departments in a way that was not previously possible.

In conforming to standards such as WMS, MapInfo Professional 7.8 takes its place alongside a growing range of interoperable, enterprise-level MapInfo solutions which can deliver mapping capabilities to users of all abilities across an entire organisation. In doing so MapInfo Professional has become part of the Authority-wide IT infrastructure, and directly contributes to the ability of Government to address the e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF).

For example, when developing a rate policy, an insurance actuary can now access one server to view aerial imagery, another to learn latest parcel information and another to find municipal boundary data--regardless of the location or the format of the queried data.

In addition, MapInfo Professional v7.8 supports the latest releases from major database vendors including Oracle 10g, enabling enterprise users to leverage industry-leading database technology and access spatial data stored in these databases.

Increased productivity is another key benefit of MapInfo Professional v7.8. Key features are time saving tools such as an automatic distance calculator that can analyse two or more datasets and spider graphs which visually depict relationships between different data groups. MapInfo Professional v7.8 also boosts workflow thanks to other utilities which facilitate simultaneous window navigation. In addition, with an enhanced Microsoft Excel interface, MapInfo Professional users can easily share important information with colleagues, partners and customers.

Other key features of MapInfo Professional v7.8 are:

  • Expanded raster file format support including MrSID G3
  • New object processing capabilities now include spilt a line by node
  • Enhanced digitising: quickly follow complex borders and lines to create new regions
  • Save snap and thin values with each table, saves re-typing
  • Simplified support for custom symbols
  • Enhanced rendering of 3D prism maps
  • Line style editor utility
  • New multiple column search and replace feature