Leica Geosystems introduced System 2000 series total stations: the TCA1800, TC2003 and TCA2003. The System 2000 total stations are ideal for applications such as bridge and tunnel building, structural work above and below ground, deformation monitoring of dams and other structures, and real-time 3D machine control. The TC2003 and TCA2003 provide angle measuring accuracy of 0.5" (0.15 mgon) and distance measuring to 1 mm ± 1 ppm, while the TCA1800 measures angles to 1" (0.3 mgon) and distances to 1 mm ± 2 ppm. The extended-range TCA2003 can make distance measurements out to 2,500 m. The TCA1800 and TCA2003 come with standard automatic target recognition (ATR) and automatic target tracking. A visible laser guide light and remote control system are options on all System 2000 models. The System 2000 products work in temperatures ranging from -20º to +50º C with 95% humidity, and have a dust- and water-resistance rating of IP54. Comprehensive office software is available to support the System 2000, including GeoOffice for surveying and GeoMos for monitoring applications.

Also, Leica Geosystems introduced a license-free spread-spectrum integrated radio module, which has been developed by Intuicom specifically to provide a high-performance RTK data link for the Leica System 1200 series of GPS surveying products. This new low-power radio module can be used as a transmitter, receiver or repeater. When serving as a repeater, the unit only needs antenna and power. Multiple repeaters can be used to extend RTK range when required. In the rover/repeater mode, the unit operates as a rover that receives GPS corrections, as well as a repeater that rebroadcasts corrections to other rovers. When operating in the base station mode, the radio module does not require an external power supply. An FCC license is not required for operating these radios in this frequency range in the United States, and the radio is also approved for use in Canada. The Intuicom integrated radio module is built to the same environmental standards as the GPS1200 products and comes with a two-year warranty. (Leica Geosystems, Atlanta, Ga.)(Intuicom, Boulder, Colo.)