Earthcomber LLC announced the general release of its flagship product, a "virtual treasure map" that guides mobile users to their favorite things.

Earthcomber is a software solution for Palm Powered devices that allows users to find exactly what they want, wherever they are. As a user travels across town or across the country, Earthcomber constantly sweeps the landscape for the user's favorite things and notifies the user when those favorites are within range. The user does not need to stop and search for an item of interest, because Earthcomber is always on and always watching for the user's favorite things.

Earthcomber can notify users when they are within range of favorite stores, services, attractions, hobbies, National Historic Register sites, and more. Earthcomber can notify users about the closest library, post office, shopping mall, hospital, or police station. Earthcomber can also direct nature lovers to the nearest park, mountain summit, hiking trail, lava flow, glacier, waterfall, swamp, and many more natural features. Over 1.5 million points of interest are currently mapped in Earthcomber.

Earthcomber is free for users. Users can download the software along with free maps for any county in the United States at Users with GPS (Global Positioning System) will be automatically positioned on Earthcomber maps. Users without GPS can use the maps to position themselves.

Business listings on Earthcomber start for as little as $35 per year. Nearly 10,000 business listings are currently available on Earthcomber, offering users a wide array of products and services in the major U.S. markets. Advertisers control their own listings and can change them at any time. An expanded set of business listings will be available in the near future through partnership agreements with other content providers.

Earthcomber is spam-free. Employing patent-pending "interest matching" technology, Earthcomber matches a user's interests with places nearby. Users see only the places that have their favorite things. A business listing is not displayed unless the business offers a product or service that matches what the user is seeking.

Earthcomber is currently available on PDAs and smart phones powered by the Palm OS, version 3.5 or higher. A version for Windows Mobile devices will be available in early 2005.

Source: EarthComber LLC, Nov. 15, 2004