Nikon-Trimble Co. Ltd. introduced the Nikon DTM-362 and NPL-362 total stations. The Nikon DTM-362 and NPL-362 models offer a long-lasting battery, and feature onboard software, a full alphanumeric keyboard and a large configurable display. The DTM-362 provides nonstop distance/angle measurements for approximately 16 hours, or 27 hours of measurements spaced 30 seconds apart, all on a single battery. The DTM-362 total station uses a standard prism for conventional surveying operations; the NPL-362 version is reflectorless. The completely eye-safe (Class 1) reflectorless system uses a patented focused beam design to provide positive target identification and a range of up to 200 m (650 ft). Each light-weight but rugged total station has a tough water-resistance rating of IPX6. (Nikon-Trimble Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan)