Senforce and Fortress created a progressive alliance that will allow customers to deploy secure wireless networks quickly and easily.

Senforce Technologies Inc., a provider of location-aware enterprise endpoint security, and Fortress Technologies, a provider of security for wireless networks, announced a progressive alliance that will allow customers to deploy secure wireless networks quickly and easily. The agreement includes joint sales, marketing, channel development and product development initiatives focused on integrating wireless network and endpoint security. Through this customer-driven alliance, IT managers can now deploy fully integrated, interoperable best-of-breed security solutions from Senforce and Fortress. The two companies expect several vertical markets - including government, healthcare and financial services - to benefit greatly from this joint initiative.

Fortress' security gateway enables enterprises to vastly improve the integrity and privacy of their wireless infrastructure. Complementing Fortress' strengths, Senforce's flagship product, Enterprise Mobile Security Manager (EMSM), provides powerful features for creating, deploying, enforcing and monitoring security policies on endpoints across the enterprise. The Senforce and Fortress solutions are interoperable and compatible with key standards, including FIPS. Together, the products make it easy for customers to implement strong privacy, authentication, access control and endpoint security without scouring the market for multiple solutions, many of which are not integrated. In a typical customer scenario, Senforce's software will enforce security policies by location (for instance, at a remote enterprise campus conference room), while the Fortress gateway ensures that only authorized users can access requested network resources. By design, Fortress offers Three-Factor Authentication, which protects enterprises at the network, device and user levels in a single, centrally managed infrastructure appliance. Meanwhile, Senforce automates policy compliance-pushing out policies to all clients or endpoints, enforcing them, and collecting compliance-related information.

Source: Senforce, Nov. 3, 2004