Trimble introduced GPS Analyst, a software extension to ESRI's ArcGIS software. The GPS Analyst extension allows direct processing of GPS data inside the ArcGIS software environment. ArcGIS is an integrated framework of software for the creation, analysis, display and management of GIS data. The GPS Analyst extension improves data accuracy and field-to-office workflow by tightly integrating GPS location data with the GIS database. With the extension's ability to differentially correct GPS data directly inside ArcGIS, GPS Analyst can improve the accuracy of GPS positioning from 10 m to 50 cm, depending on the GPS receiver and environment. GPS data can be checked straight from the field into the GIS, eliminating unnecessary file conversions. Since the GPS data is stored directly in the geodatabase, it can be overlaid and analyzed with the other GIS layers. In addition, the GPS Analyst extension is fully open, customizable and extendible using ArcObjects, allowing developers and customers to build workflow and applications that meet their specific needs. (Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif.)(ESRI, Redlands, Calif.)