PrimaCode Technologies released Transform for Windows, a product designed specifically to help land surveyors quickly analyze and reproduce prior surveys. Transform uses a concurrent processing schema to perform least-squares solutions on-the-fly. Transform generates a new solution and refreshes all the associated display values every time the user modifies the relationship of the coordinate systems being compared. This allows the user to quickly determine which set of conditions will minimize the errors associated with the monuments found on the ground and to identify which monuments are no longer in their original and undisturbed locations. Transform also displays a modified error ellipse or error radius for each transformed point and a precision value for each transformation parameter, both of which have their values tied to one of the four common statistical confidence levels (68%, 90%, 95%, 99%). The supplied error radii can be used to test for compliance with positional tolerances and to check for blunders in classical computations while the parameter precisions can be used to determine how tight or loose the overall solution is. Transform creates a more defensible final work product because the process of evaluating evidence is more objective and the locations of lost and missing corners are the most statistically probable locations. (PrimaCode, Windsor, Mass.)