The Safari Network, a cost-effective COTS solution, creates a dedicated private cellular communication network for fixed and mobile assets with no monthly or annual fees.

NavCom Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deere & Company, announced the addition of the new SR-7120 to its existing line of Safari Networks, which includes the SR-7100 model. The new SR-7120 provides a robust and cost-effective solution for remote work environments by creating a mobile, license-free wireless broadband data network. The Safari Network is based on a Cellular architecture, with each cell covering a radius of 15 miles. Additional cells are easily added to extend coverage with no affect on the overall network throughput. The network is easy to set-up, configure and manage intuitively from a single location by non-technical personnel. Ruggedized and watertight, the SR-7120 can be mounted in harsh environment conditions giving users greater flexibility. Applications for the SR-7100 and SR-7120 include machine control, fleet management, farming, rural area communications, marine communications and construction site management.

Both the SR-7100 and SR-7120 radio models come with all necessary cabling and a compact port expander with industry standard connectors to easily interface with existing office equipment and cabling devices. The SR-7100 and SR-7120 are packaged for various mounting configurations. Both systems are watertight and ruggedized to withstand environmental hazards such as dust, moisture, severe vibration and temperature extremes. Both units can be ordered with an optional integrated GPS receiver, ranging from a low-cost single-frequency to a highly accurate dual-frequency.

NavCom is currently taking orders for the SR-7100 and SR-7120 Safari Networks with prices starting at $2,500 U.S. per radio. Contact NavCom Technology directly for volume pricing.

Source: NavCom, Aug. 23, 2004