The library contains over a half of petabyte of images covering over 200,000 kilometers of roads.

Facet Technology Corporation, a computer software and services company, announced today the launch of a massive digital video image library containing georeferenced imagery of roadways and arteries throughout the United States. By the end of September 2004, the library will house images covering over 200,000 Kilometers of roads and surrounding areas. This information represents half a petabyte of digital images of all roads from two thirds of the counties in New Hampshire and all roads from one third of the counties and parishes in Illinois and Louisiana. Other states that Facet has gathered data on in 2004 are Arkansas, Missouri, Maine and Indiana. Facet will continue to add to this library through 2006, tripling its size and the amount of roads covered. Facet is making these digital images and associated GPS data available for use by county, state and federal organizations as well as utilities and other corporations in need of georeferenced roadway imagery. States and counties are using the georeferenced imagery in centerline mapping projects and asset inventory projects that support GASB 34 initiatives. They are also using the data with emergency 911 systems and in support of emergency transportation and evacuation planning and assessment programs.

The digital images for the library are gathered using Facet Mobile360® mapping vans, which are equipped with either four or seven high-resolution digital cameras, GPS and inertial navigation hardware and computers. A four-camera vehicle captures information simultaneously with all four cameras providing a front driver's view, right and left views and a backwards-facing view. Vans equipped with seven cameras are used in more urban settings and provide enhanced visual information relating to the roads and surrounding areas.

Source: Facet Technology Corporation, Aug. 17, 2004