MapInfo announced the availability of Routing J Server v3.0 in Europe, enabling developers to add routing and drivetime functionality to any web-based or windows-based application. This includes the ability to generate routes and driving directions as well as more sophisticated uses to solve logistical problems involving multiple destinations or for drivetime analysis.

Calculating either the shortest distance or quickest timed route between two or more points, MapInfo Routing J Server returns customisable text-based turn-by-turn driving directions as well as the spatial points that make up the path for the route. These in turn can be displayed on a map when integrated with other MapInfo development tools such as MapInfo MapXtreme. MapInfo MapMarker provides Routing J Server with accurately geocoded start and end points for batch processing of routes. Results can be displayed on a backdrop of MapInfo StreetPro Data.

Routing J Server is aimed at a large cross section of organisations including fleet management companies that need to reduce shipping and delivery times; companies wishing to improve field staff efficiency with precise directions for their next call; call centre operations that need to deliver accurate directions to customers via the internet or to any mobile device; and telecommunication operators deploying new mobile location based services to users on the move.

Unlike less advanced solutions, Routing J Server v3.0 has functionality allowing developers to build applications that take account of dynamic factors such as traffic and weather conditions, as well as preferences for road types, roads under construction or "˜no go' areas. Using the COM (Component Object Model) client, Routing J Server can also be incorporated into Windows-based intranet and extranet solutions requiring a high degree of customisation. In addition, Routing J Server enables organisations to develop and host their own web-based routing applications, to their own specifications, bypassing the requirement to rely on standard third party solutions.

The product consists of the MapInfo Routing J Server v3.0 software engine, an API for building a Java or COM routing client, an XML interface, API documentation, as well as sample client and administrator applications.

Key features of Routing J Server v3.0 are:

  • Available as Java component with a COM Client
  • Supports multi-point routing and drivetime analysis
  • Built in intelligence to recognize one-way streets, select the most efficient route taking into account turning restrictions
  • Platform independent and scaleable to meet demanding enterprise requirements
  • Functionality for dynamic data updating, which enables the user to select and modify the speed or road classification attribute of any chosen road segment
  • XML Interface to receive route requests and return directions
  • Plug-ins for additional datasets for cross country border routing

Source: MapInfo, July 28, 2004