upFront.eZine Publishing publishes its popular "Tailoring AutoCAD" e-book series for AutoCAD LT 2004 and 2005.

upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd. announces the new e-book for customizing AutoCAD LT by new and experienced users. Tailoring AutoCAD LT 2004-2005 has been updated for the new AutoCAD LT 2005 software from Autodesk. The 152-page e-book contains step-by-step tutorials and explanations for learning to customize the popular CAD (computer-aided design) software.

Tailoring AutoCAD LT 2004-2005 is published exclusively in Adobe Acrobat format. The e-book includes these features:

  • Modifying the AutoCAD LT user interface.
  • Creating aliases and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Changing the toolbar and the menu bar.
  • Writing scripts and menu macros.
  • Creating custom linetypes and hatch patterns.
  • Working with .shp files for shapes/fonts.
  • Understanding the DXF (drawing interchange format) files.

Source: upFront.eZine Publishing, Dec. 13, 2004