Leica Geosystems HDS announces a program for academic institutions to take advantage of special laser scanning product discounts for geomatics, engineering and applied sciences curricula and research.

Leica Geosystems HDS LLC announced the launch of a new Education Product Program (EPP), a formalized purchase program for educational institutions teaching or performing research in the rapidly growing area of High-Definition Surveying (also known as 3D laser scanning). Leica Geosystems' HDS hardware and software products are used for conducting detailed, 3D geometric surveys for civil infrastructure, architecture, industrial facilities, commercial construction, ships/vessels, forensics, archaeology and heritage applications.

The program's foundation is a new set of laser scanning product bundles designed and priced for universities, colleges, trade schools, and other institutions of higher education that provide accredited learning, formal education, and training for degree credit.

Specific, discounted packages consist of various laser scanner and data processing software options. These options include a new Leica HDS3000 laser scanner (360°x270° field-of-view and embedded hi-resolution color camera); Leica HDS2500 laser scanner (40°x40° field-of-view); laptop PC; and up to 20 educational licenses of Cyclone or CloudWorx software. All hardware products feature Leica's advanced 3D laser scanning technology, which delivers high-fidelity, low-noise geometric measurements of complete sites and structures. Leica's Cyclone and CloudWorx software licenses reflect the industry's leading solutions for managing point cloud data and creating 3D models and 2D maps from point clouds. Institutions can purchase packages with up to ten additional seat licenses, so that more students can have access to advanced software to pursue individualized research. The program also includes extensive training on hardware and software.

As part of the program, Leica Geosystems offers packages that enable the program's HDS scanners and software licenses to be regularly updated with the latest firmware and software features. Likewise, maintenance support and extended warranties are available for scanner systems (HDS2500 and HDS3000).

In order to qualify, participating educational institutions must teach at least two undergraduate or graduate classes per semester that incorporate High-Definition Surveying into the curriculum. Institutions are also required to encourage students and professors to publish papers, to write articles, and to organize and/or participate in conferences and seminars that deal with topics relating to 3D laser scanning.

If an institution of higher learning is interested in receiving additional information about Leica's Educational Product Program for High-Definition Surveying, then a representative from the institution should contact Leica directly, either via Leica Geosystems HDS local sales organization or via Daniel Chudak (Daniel.chudak@hds.leica-geosyetms.com), who is responsible for the program. It is Leica Geosystems' belief that this program will allow 3D laser scanning to become an integral part of higher education, so that future graduates will be equipped with up-to-date knowledge of the latest High-Definition Surveying technology and that new research will flourish based on 3D laser scanning.

Source: Leica Geosystems HDS, Dec. 7, 2004