GeoDecisions, Harrisburg, Pa., an award-winning leader in the information technology industry that specializes in geospatial solutions, was awarded a contract to build an enterprise geospatial technology data architecture for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that will provide a common operating picture for the state's homeland security response systems and foster geospatial data sharing among all levels of governments.

The Pennsylvania Governor's Office of Administration, Office for Information Technology Bureau of Geospatial Technologies selected GeoDecisions to lead the PA Enterprise Geospatial Technologies Data Architecture (EGTDA) project. As part of this initiative, GeoDecisions will develop geospatial Web services to provide data integration among state agencies and first responders throughout the Commonwealth. This single source of geospatial data for homeland security will support decision makers in generating intelligent data maps and performing other analysis, such as plume modeling to depict the effects of hazardous materials in a geographic area.

"GeoDecisions is pleased to enhance the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's geospatial capabilities and improve its ability to plan, prevent, respond and recover from future incidents and events," said Robert Marsters, director of homeland security for GeoDecisions.

Funding for the project has been made possible through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Information Technology Evaluation Program grant project. Pennsylvania was one of only 12 states to receive the grant to enhance its homeland security efforts based on its innovative uses of technology for enhancing homeland security and for showing promise for a nationwide application.

Source: Geodecisions, June 29, 2005