Osborne was the founder and president of Allen Osborne Associates Inc., and enjoyed a tremendous and successful career in aerospace and GPS.

Allen W. Osborne passed away at home on May 6, after a courageous two-year battle with cancer. Osborne was the founder and president of Allen Osborne Associates Inc. Osborne enjoyed a tremendous and successful career in aerospace, leading the marketing team for a division of Teledyne Systems Company and finally founding his own company with his friend, Dr. Alfred F. Schmitt, in 1978.

Allen Osborne led Allen Osborne Associates into GPS beginning in about 1980 with the production of the TTR-5 Time Transfer Receiver for NBS (now NIST-National Institute of Standards and Technology). Under Osborne's leadership, Allen Osborne Associates produced many firsts, bests and onlys in GPS for the timing market. He focused on the high-end timing receiver market which culminated in deliveries of sub-nanosecond SAASM-based Time Transfer Receivers to the USNO as well as commercial receiver versions to timing laboratories around the world.

Some of Allen's accomplishments include:

  • Ryan Aeronautical, Director of Marketing
  • Teledyne Systems, VP of Marketing
  • President of Allen Osborne Associates Inc.

Some of Allen Osborne's accomplishments as president of Allen Osborne Associates Inc.:

  • Special Timing Receiver (NBS/NIST Receiver)
  • Manufactured an Underwater Telephone for USN Seal Team use
  • Manufactured the JPL-designed Rogue Receiver
  • Built the commercially available GPS time and frequency receiver with NBS format (TTR-5) in 1982
  • Built the first GPS common-view time transfer receiver w/ 2-5 nsec accuracy in 1983
  • Manufactured the first all digital, 24-channel, 8-satellite P-code GPS receiver (SNR-8 Rogue) in 1985
  • Manufactured the first commercially available choke ring antenna for multipath suppression in 1985
  • Manufactured the Mini-Rogue, 24-channel, 8-satellite, P-code receiver in 1988
  • Built the GPS P-code Time and Frequency Receiver with Timing Figure of Merit (TFOM) of 1 (TTR-4P) and built the first all-digital two-way time-transfer modem (TWT-100) in 1992
  • Designed and built the first 8-satellite P/Y-code GPS Time and Frequency Receiver (the TTR-4P SM) and the first dual-frequency, 50-Hz data rate, low earth orbit GPS/MET receiver for meteorological occultation (TurboStar) in 1993
  • First company to receive NAVSTAR JPO security approval for AS/A-S operational use in 1994
  • Manufactured the first handheld dual-frequency Y-code GPS receivers for Geodesy/Surveying (Rascal and Rascal SM) in 1995
  • First RTK (Real Time Kinematic) hand-held GPS surveying system *Rascal with RTK) and the first upgrade of GPS monitor station receiver equipment, the monitor Receiver Element) in 1996
  • First development of BenchMark with ACT (Advanced Carrier Tracking) Technology yielding highest precision GPS data in 1997)

In addition to all of his professional accomplishments, Osborne will always be remembered as a gentleman.

Source: ITT, July 6, 2005