Topcon, Livermore, Calif., released TopSURV version 5.04. This new version of Topcon's popular and powerful field controller software has many new features that provide extended functionality. Designed for WindowsCE, TopSURV sets a new standard for expediting routine survey tasks, such as data collection, stakeout and field control.

TopSURV's modular components give the user flexibility to customize applications to suit specific needs. The Basic module provides routines for tasks performed in the course of normal land surveying. Roading, GPS+, Robotic, and GIS modules can be added to tailor TopSURV to the diverse needs of survey, GIS and construction professionals.

TopSURV's recent validation for conformance to LandXML standards enhances file compatibility. Other new features include:

  • import, display and edit linework from DXF/DWG/Shape/ASCII formats files.
  • import GEOTIFF graphic files for use a background maps
  • supports laser technology rangefinders
  • includes new Roading module features
  • perform stakeout directly from the main menu

Topcon Tools 5.04 , companion software for the office, has also been updated to offer the same new features as TopSURV. TopSURV and Topcon Tools continue to set the standard for functional land survey software that meets the needs of all professionals.

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Source: Topcon, August 18, 2005