Government Opportunity

The work and services shall consist of planning and formulating Reconnaissance and Feasibility studies. Typical studies encompass navigation, waves and hurricane shore protection, fish and wildlife habitat protection and enhancement, coastal flood plain management, and a multitude of other complex coastal resources study and engineering activities. The firm(s) selected for these contracts will be expected to submit a design quality control/design quality assurance plan and to adhere to the plan during the work and services under this contract. The selected firm(s) shall also have the capability of accomplishing a minimum of 50% of the total required work. Each task order design process shall be supported by either GANTT type bar chart or/and CPM type network diagram and design cost estimate. Contractor shall be required to utilize Microsoft Project to construct GANTT and/or CPM diagrams, the US Army Corps of Engineers Micro-Computer Aided Cost Estimating System (MCACES), Microstation compatible Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)to the current Tri-Services A/E/C CADD standards, and the ability to provide map data and conduct numerical analyses through coastal/hydrology/hydraulic computer modeling with visualization output to GIS ArcView coverages. Contact A-E Contracting Branch, Tina Frazier, (213) 452-3252 or Sandy Oquita, (213) 452-3249, and for Technical Information, Anthony J. Risko, P.E. (213) 452-3833.