Road Show Day 3

Executive Director, Bill Strackbein; POB Publisher, Diana Brown; GIA Chairman-Elect, Joe Paiva; and current GIA Chairman, Bob Bailey.
Our previous Road Show postings from the ACSM/ASPRS Conference in Providence focused on educational and technical sessions. But there is much more going on at a major conference like this, such as a complete schedule of organizational meetings. Today, we joined a luncheon meeting of the Geomatics Industry Association of America (GIAA). GIAA is an industry association of various manufacturers of surveying systems who address questions relating to a variety of equipment issues.

GIAA pioneers, representatives from some of the key manufacturers in the industry and both industry publications discussed workshops to be sponsored by GIAA at the March ACSM show in Las Vegas.

Other topics covered in the lunch meeting included providing future reference papers in an online version and adding/recruiting other members to the organization.

GIAA promises to provide industry customers with valuable answers that will help their performance and profitability. For more information, look for the GIAA Mailbag column in the POB January issue.