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The Second International Symposium on Digital Earth will take place on June 24-28, 2001, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The conference will showcase innovations in a wide range of fields: positioning, spatial data, data integration, visualization, telecommunications, e-commerce and more. Digital Earth 2001 integrates four events into one: the Second International Symposium on Digital Earth, the National Conference on Geomatics and the Canadian Institute of Geomatics Annual General Meeting, the Geomatics Atlantic 2001 conference and TExpo 2001, an annual regional information technology conference, which focuses on emerging technologies.

Details on Digital Earth 2001 are available at the conference website at www.digitalearth.ca. For additional information, contact David Coleman at 506/453-4698 or E-mail dcoleman@unb.ca at the University of New Brunswick. The Digital Earth 2001 Program Committee invites the submission of 200-400 word abstracts for presentations at the international conference. Submission of abstracts for the Web is due June 1, 2001. You can E-mail the organization at programchair@digitalearth.ca.