Leica Geosystems introduced the SR20, a single-channel GPS receiver for surveying applications. The SR20 incorporates a 12-channel L1 GPS engine that delivers centimeter-level accuracy in post-processing mode. With tracking features such as MaxAccuracy, MaxTrak and HyperTrak, the SR20 is able to achieve the best possible accuracy in all GPS conditions. The system can be used for real-time sub-meter accuracy utilizing satellite-based augmentation systems such as WAAS and EGNOS, and can also be upgraded to receive real-time RTCM data from U.S. Coast Guard beacon stations. Packaged with LEICA Geo Office software, the system provides post-processing and analysis. The SR20 can be configured as a reference station, static and kinematic receiver, or navigator to locate monuments. It can be upgraded for feature and attribute GIS data collection by loading GS20 software onboard. The functionality can also be expanded by connecting to external devices via serial data or Bluetooth wireless interface. The system includes features such as COGO and one-step transformation. Equipped with a high-resolution display, the SR20 can be used in all light conditions. A mobile-phone styled keyboard provides intuitive data entry.

Also, Leica Geosystems introduced the TPS800 series of total stations for a variety of surveying and construction applications. The standard TC800 models provide extended-range electronic distance measuring up to 3,000 meters using an infrared laser beam with prisms or reflective targets. The TCR800 models also offer reflectorless measurements up to 200 meters under good light and target visibility conditions using a visible red laser beam. The narrow laser beam permits accurate, rapid measurements to small points, such as the corner of a building. The user can switch from reflectorless to IR measuring at the touch of a button. The TPS800 products are available in three levels of accuracy: 2" (0.6 mgon), 3" (1 mgon) or 5" (1.5 mgon). All models feature a minimum reading of 1". The system has fast startup routines, a large high-resolution display and an alphanumeric keypad with mobile-telephone-style data entry. An additional easy-to-use function permits shots to a hidden point pole to measure inaccessible points. The TPS800 products come with a wide range of onboard software, including optional COGO and Road Alignment applications. An innovative construction application combines all tasks that typically are executed in building and construction work into one workflow. Other features include standard camcorder batteries, electronic dual-axis compensator, endless drives and laser plummet. A serial data interface allows communication with PCs and other devices via cable or Bluetooth wireless connections. (Leica Geosystems, Atlanta, Ga.)