Sokkia introduced its longer range Reflectorless Total Stations SET230R3, SET330R3 and SET530R3 that are now added to the Series30R model range. Using Class 3R laser, these new models measure up to 350 m (1,140 ft) without reflectors (with Kodak Gray Card 90% reflective).

Also, Sokkia announced that the reflectorless measuring range of the existing SET330R and SET530R, Class 2 models, has also been increased 50% to 150 m (490 ft.).

The Series30R instruments feature Sokkia's cutting edge RED-tech EDM, that uses visible red laser. As the RED-tech EDM uses only one laser beam for both measuring and pointing, an operator can be perfectly confident that where he sees a red spot is exactly where the instrument is measuring to. RED-tech EDM's ultra narrow visible laser, with pinpoint accuracy, measures narrow objects, walls, corners, and objects with small incident angles such as road manholes. It is also possible to make precise measurements through obstacles such as fences and tree branches.

All of the Series 30R models include Sokkia's patented absolute encoders, and dual-axis compensation for the highest reliability in angular measurement. All models are rated IP66 for rugged environmental tolerance in dusty or wet environments. The Series 30R offers many factory options, including a CompactFlash card reader for extended memory, guide light for staking operations, and wireless remote keypad to ease data entry.

The Series30R now offers seven choices to suit to a customer's needs and budget. The long-range Class 3R models include the SET230R3 (2" accuracy), SET330R3 (3" accuracy) and SET530R3 (5" accuracy). The Class 2 models include the SET230R (2"); SET330R (3") and SET530R (5"). An affordable SET630R model measures up to 100 m (320 ft) without reflectors (with Kodak Gray Card 90% reflective) with angle accuracy of 6".

Source: Sokkia Corp., Jan. 22, 2004