Leica Geosystems announced the introduction of a new automated machine guidance system for excavators.

The new MC200 Digger permits the machine operator to dig rapidly, accurately and on-grade from inside the cab, minimizing the need for workers in the trench. The system's ruggedized LCD display panel in the cab indicates the exact bucket position in real time relative to the desired finished grade. A rotating laser, in combination with the laser catcher as reference, provides a constant grade regardless of the height of the excavator itself. A unique "Learn & Dig" feature makes it easy for the operator to set up multiple profiles within the cab, allowing for increased flexibility on the job.

The angle sensors are shock resistant to 500g, and can be left in place while using a rock breaker attachment. Long stick and three boom excavators can be outfitted for accurate dredging of ponds and lakes. The bucket sensor is totally waterproof for working underwater.

A height warning for high and low elevations is built into the system. The alarm gives an audible warning whenever the boom, stick or bucket reaches a preset upper limit, to avoid damaging or making contact with an object above or below the cutting height.

Source: Leica, Jan. 6, 2005