New enhancements help construction companies efficiently deal with weather-related problems.

Minneapolis-based Meteorlogix, DTN's brand of commercial weather services, introduced the latest version of MxVision WeatherSentry Construction Edition at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2005. The weather system is designed to help construction companies increase productivity, efficiently schedule crews, increase employee safety, manage customer expectations, decrease payroll spending and reduce costs that result from ruined materials.

Rain can be quite problematic when you're working at construction sites. Between keeping workers safe, protecting materials and gauging if you can wait out the storm and bring job sites back up at a later point in the day. Construction supervisors are constantly assessing what the day's weather conditions will bring in order to plan their day accordingly. If severe weather in the form of storms, strong wind or lightning occurs, supervisors can move crew and materials to nearby locations that aren't affected. This not only keeps crew members safe and productive, but job site materials and equipment protected--all of which can impact the bottom line.

The ultimate value for concrete companies is the frequency in which you're able to pour due to confidence in knowing the day's weather and knowing when it will and won't rain. Because idle capital equipment doesn't make money, ready-mix companies stand to significantly increase revenue and profitability. For project managers, it helps to keep projects on schedule.

The newest version of MxVision WeatherSentry Construction Edition includes historical weather information for over 2,200 locations nationwide. Construction companies can use this data to defend late work schedules or to justify why work may not have been performed on a certain day due to poor weather conditions. Historical weather information can be accessed for a single day or an entire month, and can be printed in a report style format. The system retains its archived historical weather information for up to one year.

Another new feature is "MetCast"--enhanced weather forecasting that uses cutting-edge, computer modeled weather data, coupled with meteorologist expertise to produce the most accurate, location-specific forecasts in the industry.

MxVision WeatherSentry Construction Edition's WindPath feature offers a 72-hour animation of wind speeds and wind direction for the entire country. Using WindPath, construction supervisors are able to see when powerful fronts and dangerous high winds will arrive, and how long they will last so they can schedule their day accordingly.

MxVision WeatherSentry Construction Edition already features popular tools like PrecipTimer, which apprises project managers when rain will stop and start at the specific construction location in the next three hours. The system's storm tracking feature indicates where the weather is, where it is headed over the next 60 minutes and what time it will reach locations in its path. Finally, Alert Manager, which notifies roofers of significant weather changes involving parameters specified by the user such as temperature and wind.

Source: Meteorlogix, March 15, 2005