Valuable information from manufacturers on a much-needed product.

Berntsen International Inc.

Marking boundaries in 90 of the world's countries and in all 50 states:

  • makes the strongest and longest lasting monuments available anywhere
  • ships custom metal monuments in as little as two days-faster than any other firm
  • provides the best technical application support in the industry
  • leads the industry in patented monument installation technology-allows for easy installation and long-term stability
  • offers comprehensive selection of appropriate technology from around the world.

ChrisNik Inc.

The new Mag Hub is magnetized for easy detection and zinc plated to resist corrosion. It has a large center point and looks like a standard survey marker. The Mag Hub is less than half the price of a stake and is easy to carry. Not for use in concrete or asphalt. They are boxed in 30 pound boxes and are available in sizes of 3/16" x 4" and 1/4" x 6". The Mag Hub is manufactured by ChrisNik Inc. (which also manufactures the world famous MagNail) and is available at your local survey dealer.


Durable weather-resistant survey markers for permanent identification of pipe and rebar from Surv-Kap Inc. come with raised letters for easy registration reading. Information can be printed around the edge or straight across.

SurvKaps come in a variety of colors including red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, hot pink, brown, black, white, maroon and light blue.

SurvKaps fit 1/2" pipe or 3/8" rebar, 3/4" pipe or 1/2" rebar, 1" pipe or 5/8" rebar and 3/4" rebar. There is a minimum order of 200 units of same size, color and stamping. Quantity discounts available.