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Information for POB's special focus on communications equipment has been provided by the respective manufacturers of the products. For more specifications, visit the websites listed under each entry.

CSI Wireless Inc.

The PowerMAX receiver provides a high level of performance, delivering submeter positioning using either its built-in SBAS demodulator, built-in DGPS beacon module or external corrections, at up to 5 Hz output. The PowerMAX features wireless Bluetooth communications as well as a full duplex serial port. It also features raw measurement output for post-processing applications, and delivers excellent phase measurement quality. This product is compatible with the CSI Wireless optional e-Dif autonomous differential technology. It also features COAST technology, which uses old differential corrections for up to 40 minutes or more, without significant performance loss.


The Intuicom 1200 Data Link
Intuicom's 1200 Data Link provides high-performance RTK communications as well as bi-directional communications for Leica Geosystems' newest surveying products. Developed with the cooperation of Leica Geosystems, Intuicom's 1200 Data Link provides robust and reliable communication to the users of Leica's 1200 series products. This low-power module can be used as a transmitter, receiver or repeater. Through the use of multiple units, networks covering several hundred square miles can be established. No external cables or power supplies are required for operation. The 1200 Data Link is the newest of Intuicom's many wireless solutions for survey, precision monitoring and remote communications.

Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems offers numerous wireless devices for surveying, construction, reference station networks, machine automation and more. The current offering includes: spread spectrum and UHF/VHF radio modems, GSM, CDMA, CDPD cellular modems and Bluetooth for ensuring the best wireless communication solution. The recently introduced SmartStation, the world's first total station with integrated GPS and the most recent addition to the System 1200 (GPS and TPS) family of products, has been designed to work with all of the above wireless devices. Additionally, its design enables quick adaptation to future enhancements in wireless technology. Leica Geosystems' choice of supported devices allows users to choose the right wireless solution for the right environment, so that productivity is never compromised.

NavCom Technology Inc.

RTK Meets StarFire-a revolutionary solution to RTK communication drop-outs
An industry first from NavCom, RTK Extend enables continuous RTK position accuracy during radio communication outages by utilizing NavCom's global StarFire corrections. Traditionally, when an RTK rover loses communication with the base station, it is unable to provide position updates for more than a few seconds, resulting in user downtime and reduced productivity. With RTK Extend, a StarFire series receiver with RTK enabled maintains the RTK accuracy for up to 15 minutes of communication loss, allowing for optimal work efficiency in the field, without communication interruptions.


Free Channel Scanning
SATELLINE-3AS is a half-duplex radio modem suitable for a variety of data transfer applications, particularly ones demanding high speed and precision. Free Channel Scan (FCS) is a new feature for the SATELLINE-3AS family. It is designed for one-way transmission between one transmitter and one or more receivers when there are at least two different transmission frequencies available. The transmitter monitors the noise level of the channels between the transmissions and finds the best transmission channel. This feature is beneficial especially when license free channels are used and there could be other transmitters using the same channels.

Pacific Crest Corporation

Positioning Data Links
Surveyors using GPS and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology require a rugged radio data link for precise positioning information. Pacific Crest Positioning Data Links (PDL) are compact and lightweight radio modem rovers and base stations, available in low-power (.5W and 2W) and high-power (35W) options. With advanced features such as 19,200 baud over-the-air data rate and enhanced user interface that enables the surveyor to change channels and other settings on the unit with the touch of a button, PDL radios are easy-to-use, and provide high performance and rugged dependability for the toughest environments. Pacific Crest PDL products are compatible with all surveying equipment and designed to easily mount on standard tripods and range poles.


SOKKIA's Axis3 L1 DGPS system is now available with a Bluetooth adaptor for convenient wireless communication. The adaptor eliminates the need for a cable between the receiver and data collector. The 12-channel, L1 DGPS receiver also offers three types of real-time corrections (Beacon, L-band and WAAS) for reliable and accurate positioning.

Stratus is SOKKIA's L1 Integrated GPS system offering completely cable-free operation. It features internal batteries, an internal antenna and infrared (IR) communication with the user's data collection device. Stratus is the lightweight, rugged, cable-free choice for static and kinematic surveying projects.

Thales Navigation

The Z-Max GPS surveying system from Thales Navigation features a unique combination of wireless communication devices. The modular design of Z-Max enables a completely wireless RTK rover using Bluetooth, GSM and UHF technology. Thales Navigation-developed UHF radio technology means optimum tuning for the Z-Max receiver and, therefore, excellent performance and long-range capability even with low power outputs. The new Vortex UHF antenna eliminates conventional radio antennas and cables. The combination of UHF and GSM in one single communication module lets surveyors achieve long ranges quickly and cost effectively. It also provides maximum flexibility for all environmental conditions. Z-Max's long range RTK is enhanced by ADAPT-RTK technology, which provides fast initialization and centimeter-level accuracy up to 50 km.


Topcon Announces New HiPer XT GPS System
Topcon proudly announces the HiPer XT, an all-new GPS system featuring fully integrated receiver/antenna units with a Topcon Positioning Systems long range UHF radio for up to four-mile coverage.

The HiPer XT incorporates dual-frequency, dual-constellation RTK GPS+ tracking enabling access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites. The result is less downtime due to limited satellite access or obstructed sky views, and increased precision.

An optional SIM card slot enables cellular communication capabilities. Inte-grated Bluetooth technology enables cable-free wireless communication with field computers. Receiver/antenna units are user-configurable and can function as either base or rover.


Your Next Optical or GPS Surveying System: Accept Nothing Less than Cable-Free
To maximize surveying efficiency, Trimble's latest optical and GPS systems are completely cable-free.

The new Trimble S6 Robotic Total Station integrates its long-life battery and 2.4 GHz radio to produce an instrument that is fast to set up and convenient to use. At the rover, the Trimble CU controller sits in a specially designed holder that also integrates battery and radio. Experience a clean robotic solution that will significantly improve productivity.

The Trimble R8 GPS System is also completely cable-free as a base and rover. Flexible radio and GSM-module options can be integrated into the unit. Simply choose the communication option that best suits your job or business needs.