Merrick & Company announced a new contract for the city of Fargo, N.D.

Merrick & Company announced a new contract to update local and regional photogrammetric mapping and digital orthophotography for 282.5 square miles in and around the City of Fargo. Merrick will provide aerial photography, digital orthophotography, LIDAR data, 1' contours, and updated planimetric data. Awarded in April 2005, the City will receive final project deliverables in February 2006. Acting as the project lead, the City is coordinating the project, whose participants include the City of West Fargo, ND, City of Dilworth, MN, and the City of Moorhead, MN, Clay County (MN) and Cass County (ND), Metropolitan Council of Governments, Minnesota Department of Transportation, North Dakota Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration.

The City of Fargo and surrounding region is growing. The updated geospatial data will be used for planning, flood plain analysis, engineering design and studies, and public works projects.

Source: Merrick, April 19, 2005