Point2 Technologies Inc., a owner and operator of an online heavy equipment exchange (http://www.usediron.com), is pushing heavy equipment resale forward.

Point2 is opening the door to contractors who want to sell surplus equipment fast and effectively via the robust marketplace UsedIron.com. In addition, Point2 is adding value for its impressive list of dealership clients by increasing the exposure of their inventory to a wider audience of end-user contractors:

  • UsedIron.com Premium advertising is now free for sellers with under five units - no commissions, no hidden fees.
  • The site has been given an entirely new public face, with a sleeker look and simple, user-friendly navigation. The update aims to refresh the look of UsedIron.com, keeping the site intuitive while providing more information to visitors.
  • What's more, UsedIron has eliminated plain text classifieds, finding that classified ads are often ignored, partially because they include no photos. Creating up to five Premium Advertisements (which include photographs and detailed information) is now absolutely free of charge.

Source: Point2, April 26, 2005