The PC18MR-2 AND PC20MR-2 offer wider working ranges, increased digging force and lifting capacity, cost-effective maintenance, and improved operator comfort and safety.

The Utility Marketing Division of Komatsu America Corp. (KAC) introduces the new PC18MR-2 and PC20MR-2 hydraulic excavators to its MR-2 series of compact excavators. For contractors working in a variety of construction, utility, landscaping and other applications, the compact size of the PC18MR-2 and PC20MR-2 is advantageous.

The MR-2 series excavators have increased strength, wider working ranges and high stability to enhance overall operating performance.

The PC18MR-2 has:

  • An operating weight of 4,090 lb.
  • A Komatsu 3D67E-5 engine rated @ 15 HP @ 2600 rpm
  • An arm crowd force of 2,230 lb.
  • Drawbar pull of 3,750 lb.
  • A maximum digging force of 3,570 lb.

The PC20MR-2 has:

  • An operating weight of 5,060 lb.
  • A Komatsu 3D76E-5 engine rated @ 20.8 HP @ 2,500 rpm
  • An arm crowd force of 3,065 lb.
  • Drawbar pull of 4,540 lb.
  • A maximum digging force of 4,235 lb.

The digging height and loading height of the MR-2 series are significantly greater than that of the MR-1 series. Both come equipped with automatic two-speed travel that automatically shifts from high speed to low speed based on the load. The PC18MR-2 has an expandable undercarriage that allows it to access confined work areas. The undercarriage can be expanded from 3 ft. 3 in. to 4 ft. 3 in. for increased stability. The PC20MR-2 offers a rounded cast X-track frame for increased strength and to keep soil and debris from accumulating on the track frame.

Due to the new, certified two-post ROPS structure on the PC18MR-2 and PC20MR-2, the operator's space has been greatly improved. The operator may now enter and exit the machine from both sides, and visibility is greatly increased to enhance productivity and safety. Both machines are also equipped with a neutral engine start system to eliminate accidents caused by sudden movement of the upper structure at start-up.

The PC18MR-2 and PC20MR-2 are built with Komatsu's patented HydrauMind hydraulic system, a pressure-compensated CLSS system that ensures each actuator works according to its control input regardless of the size of the load. This provides the operator with precise control at all times.

For simplified maintenance and serviceability, the PC18MR-2 and PC20MR-2 both have a tilt-forward operator's compartment for easy access to hydraulic components. They also feature fully opening engine and side hoods for routine maintenance and service. Service intervals have been extended to 500 hours on the work equipment bushings, the swing circle and the engine oil - reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Source: Komatsu, April 12, 2005