Optech, a provider of manufacturing and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments, is pleased to announce the sale of an ALTM 3100 to Thomas, West Virginia-based Canaan Valley Institute (CVI).

The world's first 100 kHz airborne laser terrain mapper, the ALTM 3100 offers area coverage rates as high as 100 kHz at 1,100 m altitude, producing elevation data of unparalleled density and unprecedented low cost per posting. Additionally, the system can fly as high as 3,500 m with coverage rates as high as 33 kHz.

Optech's ALTM sets the global standard for airborne laser terrain mapping with data acquisition rates of up to 100,000 pulses per second and innovative options such as intensity, full waveform digitization, simultaneous first/last pulse measurement, roll compensation, and digital camera integration. With more systems in operation worldwide than any other airborne laser mapping instrument, ALTM is the solution of choice where fast, detailed and accurate topographic elevation data are needed.

Source: Optech, May 30, 2005