Weekly update.

The University of Montana and Earth Search Sciences Inc. (ESSI), reached an agreement that will allow ESSI to license remote sensing/GIS technologies generated by U of M scientists.

The agreement means that Earth Search will have access to an expanding array of innovative technological products and personnel in the remote sensing field. They will be able to offer a wide variety of products to the market that covers layers of information and needs beyond what the markets currently expect. They will, however, need to hire processors and support personnel and will be looking to the university to provide and help train those people.

The agreement will collaborate with the kickoff of ESSI’s technology center in Kalispell, Montana. The center will produce new high-tech startup companies in the remote sensing and GIS field from around the world . For more information call 406/751-5200 or e-mail earthsrch@aol.com or www.earthsearch.com