Weekly update.

Kodak's Commercial & Government Systems division (C&GS) announced the launch of a site for the online sale of high resolution color and black-and-white earth imagery. The new Kodak Earth Imaging Products (EIP) website can be found at http://www.kodak.com/go/earthimaging. Currently, aerial imagery is available online from over 30 North American major metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and Kodak plans to steadily increase this number to 95 by mid-2001 with the addition of imagery from suppliers across the continent and around the world.

Industry analysts predict the earth imaging information market will exceed $1 billion over the next three years. Kodak EIP will meet the needs of this market by offering many different levels of precision image data from one-meter black-and-white to six-inch resolution color. Kodak will output aerial imagery on CD with viewer or high quality paper prints.

The company stated that the new e-commerce site opens new opportunities for both buyers and sellers of high resolution earth imagery. Image search and procurement is all Web-based, creating a simple buying experience that is facilitated through the use of familiar credit card and purchase order fulfillment procedures. With easy to use and intuitive search capabilities, customers can shop online, benefiting from a reduced cycle time made.

For earth imagery and data providers (such as aerial flyers and geospatial map companies), Kodak EIP represents a new revenue growth opportunity by creating a new sales channel that reaches more potential customers. Providers of imagery can also realize significant cost of sales savings through reduced individual marketing expenditures.