Government Opportunity

Indefinite delivery contract(s) for engineering field surveys and surveying services primarily within the Huntington Districts mission boundary, but could include services anywhere within the Great Lakes and Ohio Rivers Division mission boundaries. Engineering Services will consist of horizontal and vertical control surveys, HTRW surveys, structural deformation studies, route surveys, quantity surveys, land surveys, construction layout surveys, hydrographic surveys, geodetic surveys, and real property surveys of Government-owned land tracts, such as levees, reservoirs, or dredge disposal areas. These services may be required to establish or re-establish corners, monuments and boundary lines, or for the purpose of describing fixed improvements, or platting or dividing parcels. These services will also be used as necessary to support engineering studies to include design and construction, planning, operation and maintenance of navigation and flood control projects, real estate and emergency management activities for projects within the jurisdiction of the Huntington District and may be utilized for Division-wide projects. The District and Division boundaries are shown at .mil/inet/locations/bdry-pages/. All mileage computed in regard to a particular work order will be measured from the Huntington District office, or the Contractor's office closest to the project, whichever is closest. Surveys require personnel and equipment necessary to obtain surveys of second and third order accuracy (NGS standards). Facilities must be capable of producing topographic mapping that conforms to the National Map Accuracy Standards. Hydrographic survey capabilities must meet requirements of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers EM1110-2-1003 Hydrographic Surveying dated 31 October 1994. Hydrographic surveys shall use totally automated systems with the capability of positioning by use of a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS). Firm(s) must also verify possession or ability to obtain backup (conventional/terrestrial) positioning systems in the event that satellite transmission for DGPS positioning is interrupted, blocked, or not available. Firms must be able to submit survey and mapping data in the formats requested by the government. These formats include but are not limited to Geolab, Metadata, 3D-Microstation, CADD, AUTO-CADD, Hypack, Excel, and ASCII. The files may be requested on 3.5" floppy disk, zip disk, CD ROM or electronic transfer. In addition to the above formats, firms must have e-mail capability for project updates, status reports, file transfer abilities (FTP), etc. The government will only accept the final product, without conversion or reformatting, in the stated formats. Firms must have the capability of complying with the current U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manuals EM-1110-1-1003, EM-1110-1-1005, EM-1110-1-1004 & EM-1110-1-1002. Firms must also have the capability of complying with the Tri-Service Spatial Data standards. Firms must have the capability of using the Global Positioning system (GPS) for geodetic control surveys, in addition to conventional surveying mapping instruments suitable for the stated accuracies. Work may require using the metric system. In addition, a brief Design Management Plan including an explanation of the firms' management approach, management of subcontractors (if applicable), quality control procedures and an organizational chart showing the interrelationship of management and various team components (including sub-contractors) must be shown in paragraph 10 of the SF 255. Contact Elizabeth D. Ward at 304-529-5624.