PENTAX introduced two new series of total stations based on the current R-300 series: the R-300NX and R-300EX series. The Pentax R-300X series of total stations comprises 11 models, giving a choice of 2", 3", 5" or 6" angular accuracy and a choice of five non-prism and six conventional distance measurement models. All R-300X instruments come with a choice of onboard software packages. The new models offer the following improvements: increased onboard memory capacity to as much as 20,000 points; 40 percent reduction in initial measurement time to prism/reflector sheet in Quick Mode setting; a date clock in all non-prism models and 2" and 3" prism models; and EDM accuracy of ± (2 + 2 ppm) on all models except the R-326EX, which has an accuracy of ± (3 + 2 ppm). The R-322NX, R-323NX, R-325NX and R-315NX provide reflectorless measurement capability of 200 m with a visible dot laser pointer. (PENTAX/Western Latitudes, Centennial, Colo.)