Kevin Honomichl, president of Brungardt Honomichl & Company, P.A. (BHC) and Murray Rhodes, founder and president of Rhodes Surveyors Inc., announced a merger expanding both companies' service offerings. The merger combines expertise in civil engineering and land surveying throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. The merger transition will take place over the next three weeks with a target effective completion date of October 17, 2005.

Management structure for BHC will remain the same with the exception of Murray Rhodes added as vice president of surveying. Rhodes will also hold a position on BHC's board of directors. The merger will integrate all services and employees to function as one entity, and the name Rhodes Surveyors Inc. will simply expand to BHC Rhodes, a division of Brungardt Honomichl & Company, P.A. Both offices will continue to operate in Overland Park, KS and Kansas City, KS.

BHC's growth is on target with company goals of expansion in the civil engineering arena, complemented by the merging of Rhodes Surveyors Inc. and BHC's recent hiring of Jim Jussel, PE, PTOE to focus on traffic engineering. Combined services of the new organization will include engineering for public works, private development, traffic, telecommunications and land surveying.

Rhodes Surveyors Inc. was founded in 1967 by Murray Rhodes. The company houses the most extensive collection of surveying records of Wyandotte County, owned by a private company. As an industry veteran, Rhodes sits on the Kansas Board of Technical Professionals and on the board of the National Council of Examiners of Engineering and Surveying. Rhodes was the county surveyor of Wyandotte County for 30 years, pioneering the integration of surveying, GIS, and local governments.

BHC is based in Overland Park, KS and was founded in 1992 to deliver outstanding consulting engineering service and expertise. This year marks the 13-year anniversary of BHC.

Source: BHC, Sept. 28, 2005