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The information for POB's special product focus on surveying accessories has been provided by the respective manufacturers.

Berntsen International

Berntsen International offers the Cobra Combi, a gas-powered drill/breaker manufactured by the same company that made the Pionjar120. The Cobra Combi combines the Pionjar's sturdy effectiveness with a catalytic converter and a new carburetor. This means the Cobra Combi now meets the tough U.S. EPA Phase 1 emission regulations. The Cobra Combi comes with two tools-a flat chisel and a 1 1⁄8" drill bit-and can be fitted with 18 other tools. The Cobra Combi also features vibration-dampening handles and is easy to start.

ChrisNik Inc.

ChrisNik Inc. is a one-stop source for specialized products used in the surveying industry. We offer new products that make the surveyor's job a little bit easier. That is why ChrisNik is proud to offer the MagHub in 4" and 6" sizes-and coming soon in 8". The MagHub has a large center point and looks like a standard survey marker, but it's magnetized for easy detection and zinc-plated to resist corrosion. ChrisNik also manufactures True Plumb, PIPE MIC and REDTOP products and the world-famous Mag Nails. All of these great products are available from local survey dealers.

Crain Enterprises Inc.

Crain Enterprises Inc., known for its fiberglass leveling rods, offers many other innovative products including the Data-Max data collector mount system and Tri-Max tripod. Using the Data-Max, the data collector can be tilted to any one of 26 positions. Crain also offers ATV/dash mounts. The revolutionary certified Tri-Max is the only tripod on the market today with traceable and certifiable accuracy to meet today's demanding requirements. Actual subsecond stability is a reality with this tripod, which features a five-year warranty. Crain also offers a full line of prism and GPS poles, sewn products, leveling rods, measuring rulers, prisms, stream gauges, heavy- duty and aluminum tripods, and more.


CST/berger of Watseka, Ill., introduced its lightest prism pole ever: the Maxilite. Crafted from high-grade, lightweight aircraft aluminum tubing, the Maxilite prism pole is 40% lighter than CST/berger's standard prism pole, and double the tensile strength for increased durability and dependability. The Maxilite is available in three lengths: 8 ft, 12 ft and 15 ft, weighing only 2.1 lbs, 2.8 lbs and 3.8 lbs, respectively. It features a precise leveling vial, twist lock mechanism, dual graduations and an internal cushion designed to absorb shock when collapsing the pole.

CST has also introduced its latest addition in high-quality pro-grade tripods: the WDF20X built with American hardwood struts and fiberglass dowels. It features a heavy-duty quick clamp release. Its dimensions are 71" (180.3 cm) open and 46" (116.8 cm) closed.

Forestry Suppliers Inc.

Get it together with a vehicle organizer! Forestry Suppliers offers an organizer that attaches easily to a vehicle's seat back and holds everything from pens and papers to two-liter bottles and flashlights. Large compartments hold files, papers and notebooks plus larger items including thermos bottles and flashlights. The front pouches accommodate radios, cell phones, pens and markers, and the zippered center compartment keeps small or personal items secure. An adjustable strap secures the organizer to the headrest and also serves as a shoulder/carry strap.


SECO is one of the world's leading manufacturers of surveying and global positioning equipment accessories. In this competitive market, SECO has gained a reputation for quality and innovation. While many manufacturers have switched to producing cheaper plastic surveying products to compete with low-cost imports, SECO still embraces the notion that quality components are always preferable as long as the benefits are worth the additional cost. SECO has a long-standing tradition of providing high quality metal accessories for professionals using state-of-the-art instrument technologies that require nothing less than superb accuracy in the field.

Schneider Corp.

The V.depth sewer measure down system integrates state-of-the-art measuring equipment in a new and innovative device that facilitates quick, easy and accurate measurements to locations at inconvenient or inaccessible depths (or heights). V.depth was designed for use by surveyors, engineers, GIS professionals and others who require a quicker, cleaner, safer and more precise alternative to collect as-built information. Tired of measuring manhole inverts with traditional rods only to obtain inaccurate results? Tired of measuring building heights, bridge deck heights or overhead line heights with a 25' rod? Try V.depth: the safe, clean and accurate alternative that yields true vertical distances like no other tool.

Silver Shield

The Silver Shield system offers a galvanized steel modular field organizer and a security cover that opens three ways. The customizable field organizer is lightweight and durable, and can be configured for all pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, custom campers and trucks with tonneau tops. The Silver Shield security cover offers unobstructed visibility when fully open or closed, and will last 10-15 years under normal use due to its solid aluminum aircraft construction. The Silver Shield system is weatherproof and maintenance-free, and saves users money by protecting belongings, reducing air turbulence and improving gas mileage.