Weekly update.

The West Virginia Dept of Health and Human Services (WVDHHS) purchased a statewide digital “image map” created from current SPOT satellite imagery. This is the most up-to-date, consistent quality statewide coverage that has been produced since the previous West Virginia statewide SPOT coverage in 1994-95. The West Virginia image map is being created from 10-meter resolution imagery, currently being acquired by the SPOT satellite series. The imagery is processed to a high degree of map accuracy and formatted for easy use in desktop mapping and geographic information systems (GIS).

With both the old and the new image data sets, West Virginia users can quickly and easily identify and map natural and man-made changes that have occurred anywhere in the state.

SPOT Image Corporation, headquartered in Reston, Va., is the world's leading supplier of remote sensing information databases. The global SPOT system includes multiple Earth observation satellites, 24 ground receiving stations worldwide and more than 100 international distributors. SPOT has 14 years of continuous operations and over 7 million archived images collected since 1986.