This low cost data collection solution is designed to eliminate the learning curve for SMI HP 48 users while delivering all the benefits of the Windows operating system on a touch screen device.

Eagle Point announced the release of the SMI Jett·ce data collector solution with SMI Version 8.0f. This new data collector will replace the gap left by the discontinued HP 48 platform. The marquee benefits of the SMI Jett·ce over that of SMI's top of the line Allegro CX are its close similarity to the HP 48GX and its low price point.

The SMI Jett·ce allows for complete operation of the SMI Windows CE software entirely from the keyboard, unlike all other Windows CE products that require exhaustive use of the limited touch screen interface. With an over 95% duplication of the very popular SMI 48GX keyboard/overlay, and with 273 items directly accessible, users will find the new SMI Jett·ce interface to be a great, low cost solution. Complete upgrade packages including SMI Version 8 software, mounting bracket and instrument cable start as low as $1600.

Two configurations are available from Eagle Point; a standard model with a 200MHz processor, 64 MB of nonvolatile storage, and a premium model with a 400 MHz processor, 128 MB of storage, an integrated Class-2 Bluetooth device for wireless operation, and an extra rechargeable battery. Both configurations come standard with Windows CE.Net, Color QVGA Touch Screen, 64 MB of RAM, locked CF Card Slot, integrated stylus holder, charger and a bright yellow GE Xenoy case which is water and shock resistant.

Source: Eagle Point, Feb. 1, 2005