The Sidwell Company, a St. Charles, Illinois-based provider of geographic information systems, aerial photography and related services, has been awarded a contract by DeWitt County, Illinois, for professional GIS services. The contract includes new countywide digital orthophotography, and rectification of the county's existing cadastral database to the new orthophotography. The resulting dataset will be migrated to the industry standard ESRI Geodatabase. Also included in the contract are: professional services to develop an up-to-date contour dataset and integrate that information layer into the county's GIS; web hosting for the county's GIS data; and MapPlotter, Sidwell's new map production solution.

Additionally, the contract calls for Sidwell to provide land use and soils computation services, and develop and implement their FARMS (Farmland Assessment and Report Management System) application, which was developed by Sidwell to support conversion and maintenance of the digital map data used in assessment of agricultural parcels.

Source: Jan. 4, 2005