The new Link-Belt 80 Spin Ace minimum swing radius excavator has a swing radius of 130 degrees, an operating weight of 18,400 lbs and a tail swing of merely 5'4".

Confined space and restricted access don't necessarily mean limited productivity with the new Link-Belt 80 Spin Ace minimum swing radius excavator. This addition to the Spin Ace family of excavators opens opportunities for working within tight spaces while increasing the ability to maneuver safely and productively with its boom that has a swing radius of 130 degrees. With an operating weight of 18,400 lbs. and a tail swing of merely 5'4", operators have the capability to utilize full power in areas that might have been relegated to smaller, less powerful machines in the past.

The cab is virtually shock-less, built on 4-point fluid mounts and the operator's seat has the following comfort features: weight ad-justment, seat height and tilt adjustment, adjustable headrest, backrest angle adjustment, adjustable pivoting armrests, and a seat belt. Additionally, the 80 Spin Ace is equipped with standard heating and air conditioning.

The 80 Spin Ace undercarriage features heavy-duty excavator style components to improve stability and ground bearing pressure. The X-style carbody is integrally welded for maximum strength and durability. A two-speed variable displacement axial piston travel motor has a maximum speed of 3 mph, traction force of 13,040 lbs, and gradeability of 70%, giving the 80 Spin Ace the torque needed when hauling up grades or making turns.

The boom measures 11'6", and the standard arm is 5'7"; an optional arm is available at 6'11". Working ranges for the standard arm include a maximum digging depth of 13'9", a maximum working height of 21'0", and a maximum dumping height of 14'5". Although it is packed with power, boom and arm cushion allows for smoothness at the end of the stroke, increasing operator comfort.

The 80 Spin Ace is powered by a dependable 4 cylinder Isuzu CC-4JG1 engine with 52 HP at 2,100 rpm. This electronically-controlled engine is water cooled, has a 12-volt starting system, a 50 amp alternator, and a double element air filter. Operating controls allow for one-touch idle, providing added control over fuel consumption.

The hydraulic system is kept clean for up to 5,000 hours through use of the Nephron filtration system that filters particles down to 1 micron in size. This significantly reduces hydraulic system breakdown and maintenance costs under normal usage. Less wear and tear on the hydraulic components means more years of reliable performance.

Source: LBX Company, Nov. 10, 2004