Grace Industries announced the MR-900 Micro-Receiver for mobile lone worker applications.

Grace Industries announced the introduction of the MR-900 Micro-Receiver for integration with cellular telephone/AVL systems, satellite/GPS telephone systems and data radios. For the integrator or end user who wishes to implement a "Mobile Lone Worker Monitoring System" that is cost-effective, easy to install and meets the UL 913 Standard for intrinsic Safety, the MR-900 is the answer. The MR-900 compact radio receiver is designed to receive signaling data from Grace Industries line of telemetry based personal life safety products. The MR-900 is powered from a +12VDC source and is suitable for use inside a vehicle, or other mobile equipment.

AVL Systems that currently track a company's mobile fleet can be enhanced to provide immediate notification of employees in distress at remote locations or when their work takes them away from their vehicle (up to a quarter mile).

Source: Grace Industries