Komatsu America Corp. (KAC) introduced two new members to its Dash-5 line of wheel loaders - the 54 HP WA65-5 and the 60 HP WA70-5. These versatile machines serve as important loading/support tools for supply yards, confined jobsites, landscaping, utility and light construction markets.

The WA65-5 features an operating weight of 10,780 lb. and a breakout force of 8,162 lb. The WA70-5 features an operating weight of 11,816 lb. and a breakout force of 8,025 lb. Both units are equipped with Komatsu emissionized engines that meet EC Stage II emission standards.

To respond quickly to varying conditions, the WA65-5 and the WA70-5 are equipped with a Hydrostatic Transmission (HST). The HST allocates only as much power as is needed for a given application, ensuring accurate and optimum loader operations. Front and rear limited slip differentials provide added productivity and force.

For outstanding visibility, the WA65-5 and the WA70-5 are equipped with a delta boom, providing operators with an unobstructed view of the loader bucket, improving performance in both forward and reverse applications.

Other productivity enhancements include:

  • Large dumping height (96 in. for the WA65-5 and WA70-5) and long bucket reach (35 in. for the WA65-5 and 34 in. for the WA70-5).
  • Redesigned bucket shape with superior penetration and filling capability.
  • Increased tipping loads and lifting capacities.
  • Parallel movement in pallet fork applications.
  • High payloads in pallet fork applications.
  • Standard hydraulic front attachment quick coupler.

For traveling comfort, the WA65-5 and WA70-5 have a wheelbase of 80 in. and can travel up to 12.4 mph.

Keeping the operator in mind, Komatsu designs its cabs with features to make the operator's environment comfortable, to minimize fatigue and simplify operation for increased productivity. The WA65-5 and the WA70-5 have an ergonomically designed cab to provide more legroom. An increased window area, sloped engine hood, narrow tail and heated rear window offer more visibility, increasing safety and performance. Additional features include large storage areas, easy cab access and optional air-conditioning. Noise levels are kept at 73 d[B]A. A ride control system is optional.

For easy service access, each wheel loader features a tilt forward operator's compartment, wide opening engine hood and convenient access to an independently mounted radiator. The wheel loaders' heights are 8 ft. (WA65-5) and 8 ft. 1 in. (WA70-5) for easy transportation.

For more information on the WA65-5 and WA70-5 and other compact wheel loaders in Komatsu's utility line, please contact your local distributor or call Komatsu at 1-866-513-5778.

Source: Komatsu, May 2, 2005