As an addition to our tabulated survey, information forPOB's Advanced Total Station Offerings has been provided by the respective manufacturers.


Because of market demand, FOIF launched the new reflectorless total station OTS600 series with alphanumeric keyboard. Total stations in this series can upload and download data easily with a PC or data collector, and their expanded internal memory can record 8,000 points. The OTS600 series offers many professional programs, and it has the function of a memory management system, allowing users to edit, delete, review and record data or files easily. Also offered is an optical plummet or laser plummet (optional factory accessory). For the optical plummet, 3X magnification is available. The laser plummet's intensity and focus can be adjusted and easily centered, and the laser spot is clear enough to be seen in sunlight. With these excellent features, OTS600 series total stations are easy to use and reliable enough for building set-out, road layout, topography surveys or control surveys.

Laser Technology Inc.

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) manufactures and markets laser-based speed and distance measuring instruments, which utilize proprietary technology. Its products are sold worldwide and are used in a wide variety of applications, including traffic speed enforcement, natural resource management, GIS mapping, surveying, sporting/recreational activities and industrial process control. LTI products are renowned for their compact and rugged design as well as their long range and reliable performance. The accuracy attained with the devices is more than acceptable for their intended uses. The company has also developed a complete set of complimentary hardware accessories and data collection software to support its core laser-ranging technology. Involved with both professional and recreational measurement, LTI maintains a diverse customer base of thousands of satisfied users throughout the world. The company's headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Centennial, Colo.

Leica Geosystems

Leica SmartStation-World's First: TPS with integrated GPS
Leica Geosystems introduces SmartStation, the world's first high performance total station with integrated GPS. The SmartStation is the latest innovation in the successful Leica System 1200 product family. The revolutionary SmartStation reduces the time required for setup and orientation by up to 80 percent, increasing the user's productivity and profits.

Incredibly Versatile
Both total station and GPS can be used as stand-alone systems: the SmartAntenna can be used as an RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) rover on a pole, and the total station can be used alone with full functionality as a conventional or robotic instrument.

A Smart Investment
The Leica SmartStation is fully compatible with System 1200, sharing the same common user interface, common data management, common functions and features. Also, users that already invested in a TPS1200 total station can be assured that their investment is secure: all TPS1200 instruments can be easily upgraded to SmartStation.


Nikon's NPL-302 series pulse laser stations feature exclusive focused beam non-prism technology. This unique focusing system provides positive target detection by focusing the measurement on the target and minimizing return signals (or multi-path) from targets outside the focused area. Additionally, the diameter of the laser beam is etched into the eyepiece reticle, providing positive beam size and location to the user and eliminating erroneous target recognition.

The latest NPL-302 series, DTM-302 series and the DTM-502 series total stations from Nikon offer faster EDM measurement, longer range, graphic displays and improved keyboard design. The new keyboard layout enables quick access to common field functions, and both prism and reflectorless modes to be available at the same time.

All instruments feature Nikon's easy-to-use, reliable, onboard data collection and layout routines, and data storage for 10,000 points in up to 32 jobs.

Northwest Instrument Inc.

Northwest Instrument Inc. proudly introduces its NTDM103 Construction Total Station. This total station is designed and manufactured to be the most economic and reliable layout instrument for contractors and surveyors. It has a 30x telescope and 10" angle accuracy (DIN18723). Coaxial EDM shoots 3,000 ft to a single prism and 5,000 ft to a triple prism with ± 3+5 ppm distant accuracy. Easy-to-use onboard intelligence includes distance stakeout, remote elevation measurement (REM), missing line measurement (MLM), area calculation and more. A powerful NiMH rechargeable battery provides eight hours of operation.

As a leading manufacturer of optical and laser instruments, NWI is committed to providing economic solutions for surveyors, contractors and engineers, through visionary product design, superior quality manufacturing and outstanding market support. Captured in its slogan "Bringing Value to a Totally New Level," NWI ensures the best value and performance in the industry.


Pentax R-300 series employ two unique features: automatic environmental sensing and auto focusing. The environmental correction (PPM) is calculated from data supplied by electronic temperature and pressure sensors. The operator does not need to measure or input this data; the instrument takes care of it automatically and continuously. Telescope focusing has been automated with push button auto focus capability; power focus or manual focus can be used for special situations.

In addition, absolute encoders are used for faster startup, better vertical angle accuracy and more consistent horizontal reference angle orientation. The narrow visible beam lets users see the exact measurement point and get accurate distances into tighter spots than ever before. A visible laser plummet increases setup speed, standard camcorder batteries are low cost and widely available, and the IPX6 waterproofing provides serious weather protection.

Pentax R-300X series total stations are available in both reflectorless and non-reflectorless models. The reflectorless version has a range of 200 m. Onboard data collection storage of as much as 20,000 points is available on 2 and 3 second models.


Sokkia brings a new level of performance to automated surveying with the Remotocatcher system. The Remotocatcher adds reliable remote target acquisition to the Series 110M Motorized Instrument line. The system offers full remote control operation and swift aiming from the prism pole for improved productivity. The Remotocatcher system can be used with any standard prism, and will connect to a wide range of data collector options.

Sokkia offers reliable reflectorless measurement with patented RED-tech EDM technology. RED-tech uses digital signal processing and advanced software to calculate distances reliably by choosing the calculation method most suited for each measuring environment. RED-tech EDM technology is available on the Series 030R, Series 130R and Series 30R total stations. Users can choose between standard range (150 m) and long range (350 m) options. Sokkia's modern total station design allows for flexible user customization. Users can add options such as compact flash card readers, stakeout guide lights and remote keypads.


South Surveying & Mapping Instrument Co. Ltd. is a leading professional enterprise in the surveying industry in mainland China. Its five affiliated factories specialize in R&D and manufacturing, and sell nine kinds of surveying products: total stations, electronic theodolites, electronic distance meters, automatic levels, laser levels, reflector prisms, surveying accessories, GPS receivers and mapping software. With years of keen dedication behind it, South has been ranked among top manufacturers in this field and become a widely recognizable brand name at China's nationwide level.

Currently, the New York-based representative office, South Surveying Instrument Inc., operates to tap the potential market and deliver better services to American users. Skimming through several POB issues, readers might find South's advertisements for total stations. South has been committed to continually upgrading and releasing its new models, and users appreciate South's ongoing technological advances and the high-quality performance of its products. Don't wait, please join us now!


For more than 75 years, Topcon has been a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced electronic total stations. Innovation, not imitation. For Topcon this is more than a corporate slogan, it is a way of life.

Since inventing the world's first compact coaxial total station, the Guppy, Topcon continues to revolutionize precision measurement. Topcon has remained true to this spirit of innovation by introducing several new products including the world's first Bluetooth wireless total stations, the first Windows CE total stations, and now the first total station with built-in digital imaging technology.

Topcon's new GPT-7000i Digital Imaging Total Station allows users to capture digital field images and combine images to create high-accuracy 3D models. The technology also allows operators to see digital information superimposed over jobsite photos.

Topcon provides the longest range reflectorless technology available today with measurements out to 1,200 m or nearly 4,000 ft! This new long range reflectorless technology is incorporated in the 8200 robotic series and the new wireless 3000LW series.


With the introduction of the new cable-free Trimble S6 Total Station, surveyors everywhere are rewriting their definitions for "productivity." As Trimble's most advanced total station ever, Trimble S6-offering servo, autolock and robotic surveying-contains numerous innovations designed to make your job easier and more efficient... and improve the experience of surveying.

Trimble S6 uses servos based on the principles of magnetic induction. This unique Trimble technology, called MagDrive, makes Trimble S6 astoundingly fast, silent and accurate. New SurePoint accuracy assurance means surveyors won't worry about losing a day's work through instrument sinkage, vibration or bumping. The Trimble S6 automatically corrects pointing after unwanted movement.

Like all Trimble solutions, Trimble S6 puts flexibility in the surveyor's hands. In autolock and robotic modes, Trimble S6 combines conventional prism tracking with active target ID via MultiTrack technology. Target ID allows multiple Trimble S6 robotic instruments on a site to always quickly lock to their correct targets.