Information for POB's special focus on magnetic locators has been provided by the respective manufacturers of the products.


Locate with one hand tied behind your back. Not that you'd want to, but the point is you can with a Magna-Trak 200 Series locator. The Magna-Trak 200 is ergonomically designed for complete one-handed operation. You can adjust volume and sensitivity with the same hand that holds the locator. So your other hand is free-or untied-to use other equipment. A large LCD display illuminates a digital readout and bar graph so you can locate visually. Used with audio tone, the Magna-Trak 200 allows for pinpoint accuracy, even in congested search areas. No mechanical controls-the membrane is sealed from dust and moisture-and the water-resistant housing permits use in the rain. Engineered body with ergonomic handle with textured grip, lightweight-only 3 lbs! (Seven-year warranty.)

Dunham & Morrow Inc.

The DML2000 magnetic locator by Dunham & Morrow Inc. easily pinpoints survey markers, PK nails, buried iron or steel pipe, water valves, water meters or any other ferrous object covered by dirt, asphalt, water, snow or ice. Key features of the DML2000 are its top-mounted, protected controls; light weight; all-weather operation; waterproof sensor tube; and low battery indicator. Users can get up to 80 hours of operation from four AA batteries. The DML2000 comes in either a hard or soft carrying case. The locator retails for only $635 and is covered by a LIFETIME warranty.

Pipehorn Utility Tool Company

The MagHorn's newly patented Planar-Flux sensors mean superior sensitivity and virtually eliminate the need for periodic calibration. Precise, continuously variable sensitivity control provides unmatched performance around fences and other metallic structures. "Shaping" the signal has never been easier. MagHorn features super-rugged aluminum and fiberglass construction and is designed for heavy use in all weather conditions. Lightweight and balanced with a pistol grip for one-handed operation, MagHorn feels as good as it works. MagHorn costs a little more than the competition. Use one and you'll know why.

Schonstedt Instrument Co.

Schonstedt Instrument Company, founded in 1953 by Erick Schonstedt, produced the first commercial magnetic locator, setting the standard. Our instruments still depend on the rugged, reliable and sensitive magnetic sensor developed and patented by Mr. Schonstedt. Along with age and experience, Schonstedt continues its history of innovation with the XT locator. The reduced size, extreme portability, and high sensitivity make the XT a first choice of experienced users.

SubSurface Instruments

SubSurface Instruments Inc. has decades of experience designing, manufacturing, selling, repairing and supporting underground and underwater magnetic pipe and cable locators and water leak detectors. Two models of magnetic locators, two models of water leak detectors, and two pipe and cable locators have already been introduced. SubSurface offers in-dependent repairs of all model "GA" and "MAC" type locators, and repairs are guaranteed for six months. (Lifetime warranty.)